Cape Flattery

IMG_6616A few days ago we went to the NW point of Washington, Cape Flattery.  We figured it was the farthest we could get from Atlanta in the 48 contiguous states so we needed to say we were there.  Can you blame us?

We are on the Olympic Peninsula and had gone up to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park and visited the Ranger Station but much of the outside edge of the peninsula has little towns or Indian reservations and Highway 101 is the only route around this whole area.

After moving the motorhome to Forks, WA we drove up to the Makah Indian Reservation and toured their wonderful little museum which was delightfully rich in history.  You can visit their site at  (One of the interesting facts was that the Indians did not have sheep or goats so they used the cedar trees to make clothes and bred a certain type of dog for its wool.)

After the museum we drove as close as we could to the point and then hiked our way down the trail.  The trail itself was beautiful with old grooved trees, thick green mosses and the most charming rough  cut boardwalks.IMG_6617 IMG_6618The smell of the ocean was calling us as we hiked and when we arrived at the point we were rewarded with gorgeous sunshine and a rough sculpted coastline.  It was amazing!

IMG_6657 IMG_6622IMG_6646

We enjoyed our lunch here and decided we needed to dip our toes in the Pacific Ocean so we left the Reservation and headed down the coast to a sandy beach.  The water is pretty consistently between 40 and 50 degrees so the kids were telling me to hurry up and take the picture because their feet were freezing.  Ah, torture!IMG_6679



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  1. Hi Lisa and Family,
    Hope you are doing well. We are the Porter family full-timing for a year. We met you in Glacier Nat’l Park at Apgar Campground. We hope you are doing well and having safe travels. Will continue to follow you on your blog and maybe run into you somewhere! Thanks,
    Kris and John and our girls Kylea (10) and Kate (6).

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