Review on the Creation Museum

Wow!  The Creation Museum ( was fabulous!  We found it to be top-quality, gorgeous, well-laid-out, informative, and logical.  If ever you wondered how the creation story fit with the science of earth I believe your questions would be answered here.Creation Museum outside

We were truly impressed with the whole museum, even the cafeteria (LOL) which had gluten-free  and vegetarian options, reasonable prices and a deck with a beautiful view.  I would totally go back and highly recommend it!

Some people have said they spent two days at the museum.  We did not do the zip lines or all of the outdoor activities, we skipped one movie and the Imax movies but we did go to the petting zoo and Chloe rode the camel.  Brian feeding the Zony

Chloe riding a camel

Also with children ages 7, 10 and almost 12 we spent a lot of time reading signs and pointing out important facts and felt that they understood and followed but had enough after one day.  I can see where you might want to spend two days here but our main focus was the museum’s galleries and we covered those pretty fully with the kids, even on a crowded day.

Overall, it was time and money well-spent and was a wonderful day! We would definitely go back!

The museum is located in Petersburg, KY, southwest of Cincinnati, OH.  More information can be found at




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