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Sunday and Monday we were south of Nashville at the Old Stone Fort Archeological Park. We got to the park after dark because we were trying to fit the last of our stuff in to the motorhome before we left town.  When you look at the pictures of the bridge I think you can appreciate how difficult it was to maneuver through this bridge in the dark.  Headlights don’t illuminate the side mirrors which barely fit through the supports on the bridge.  If that isn’t nerve-racking enough add the fact that the bridge says for a single axle RV (like ours) the bridge weight limit is 10 tons and we weigh 11 tons.

Ken left me parked by the bridge until he talked to the ranger in the station on the other side of the bridge who said that the bridge had seen rigs way bigger than ours go over it so he was sure it would be fine but then added that the park service doesn’t train them on bridge strength.  Nice! Bridge at Old Stone Fort Archeological Park

Luke, Chloe and I biked to the museum the next day and then hiked around the wall, stopped at the waterfalls and practiced sketching the falls.  I don’t think I could have picked a much harder subject.  My sketch looked terrible!  in between the waterfallslower fallsupper falls

We have  left Cave City, KY having visited the Mammoth Cave National Park.  We took a  historical tour late in the day Tuesday and Wednesday morning we took the Domes and Dripstones Tour.  The kids much preferred the last one because of the narrow curving passages we went through and the deep drops we walked over.  Mammoth Cave Sign

kids in the caveWe were delighted to see wild turkeys several times as we drove through the National Park and we were amazed that there are over 400 miles of explored cave included as part of the Mammoth Cave system – huge!

On the way to Ohio we stopped to see the cabin where President Lincoln was born.  This is for all of our past First Grade Teachers…Lincoln's cabin

We just arrived in the Cincinnati, OH area and we will spend a couple of days at the Creation Museum.  At our campground the kids had fun on the quadricycle.  I hope I got that right!Quadricycle

3 thoughts on “Where We Are”

    WOW! It certainly looks like you are having a wonderful adventure! I have really enjoyed looking at all the photos and places you have seen! Such a great gift for you all! I will miss seeing the Adams family this year at ECCS and having Chloe in my class…..BUT, I know you are thrilled to be where you are!
    Enjoy, play, learn, explore and treasure your travels! xoxo
    Con cariño,
    Señora Milley

  2. Now that is the way to get an education! Love the bridge picture. Praying for you as you go.


  3. Really neat that the kids are going to see so much of this great country. There are so many wonderful things to see. I hope you all thoroughly enjoy your experience and hats off to you for taking such a grand adventure.

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