What happens when I leave my husband home alone for three weeks

I have to back up a little bit.  We have lived in Atlanta, GA for the last 15 years and have traveled to the Midwest and in the Smoky Mountains as a family.  Last June Ken and I took the kids out west for a two week summer vacation.  They had never seen “real” snow-capped mountains and we couldn’t wait to show them.  We flew to Salt Lake City and rented a Class C RV and drove up through Jackson Hole, WY, The Grand Tetons and then on to Yellowstone.  We had an absolute blast!

We returned home, unpacked our ten bags of clothes and camping gear and then I drove to Chicago with our three children to see my Mom and Dad.  Great!  My Mom had said she was ready to clean out 30 years of stuff from her house so we got busy.

Needless to say, Ken is bored while we are gone.  I’m thinking he might make a big dent in the honey-do list but unbeknownst to me he was researching.

My Mom has a conversation with me before we leave.  Every couple of years she brings up the fact that she thinks we should sell our house because it requires so much work.  We should move in to something brick or already remodeled.  I was thinking, “Ken won’t move”.  He has told me over and over that he never wants to move again.  It is too much work!

So we head back to Georgia, unload all of our stuff from the car including some things from my Mom’s cleaning-out and my dear spouse says to me, “We need to have a serious talk.”  Well immediately my mind is spinning, “What is this about?”  “OK”, I say, “Let’s talk.”  “No,” he says, “We need to have uninterrupted time and I need to get everything out.”  Well, you can imagine the places my mind is going.  Alarm bells are going off but I have no idea about what.  Our marriage is great!  I’m not worried about infidelity but this is really throwing me and he won’t give me a topic. ( SIDENOTE HERE:  He keeps telling me to read a book called Crucial Conversations so I know what to say in a “Crucial Conversation.” ) Clearly he forgot what he read!!!  No hints like…Our marriage is fine!  I’m not going to die!  He could have done this better.

So we gave the kids food and TV and went to the basement to talk because at this point I couldn’t wait any more to find out what this is all about.  Well, Ken had been researching RVs for weeks when he came across a site called Full-time Families, about families who sell their homes and move into RVs for a year or much longer and Roadschool their children.

Now, I ‘m not allowed to interrupt or ask questions until he has explained his reasoning.  Many families have written that they are so happy being together and getting to spend quality time with their kids doing fun things instead of spending weekdays and weekends doing yard work, running children to different activities,  school responsibilities, housecleaning…you know what I mean.  Life is so busy that it is hard to stop and smell the roses.

It makes sense to me but when he says he thinks we should sell the house and pretty much everything in it my jaw drops.  I am officially in shock!

3 thoughts on “What happens when I leave my husband home alone for three weeks”

  1. I understand your feelings talking to him. Sometimes men don’t understand the way women are going to interpret the “set-up” for the plans they have. It’s great that you guys are following your dreams.

    I am curious about how you are going to make ends meet on the road. My wife and I already homeschool our daughters and we keep talking about getting out on the road. We are trying to establish a small business that will give us the flexibility to do something like this, so I am interested in how you guys are making that work.

    1. Hi Mark,
      I’ll be able to continue my current job (software consulting & sales) from the road. I’ve worked from a home office and the road for the past eight years. I’ll do a posting on costs and would be happy to discuss with you.


  2. Very cool. When my kids were six and seven we drove down from Alaska in a 32 foot school bus and we stayed in Arizona for six months. If Wassie had been able bodied we would have traveled more. but that six months in the bus was the best thing we ever did as a family.

    I hope you all find the same for your family. This is such a great gift you’re giving your kids and each other. Good for you!

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